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29 September 1999
4:00 AM EST

Dear Friends,

Well, last Friday night I had the opportunity to attend the Megan Hayward Benefit Dance which was sponsored by the: Seekonk Lions Club, Hearthstone Lions Club, and Seekonk Kiwanis Club. These organizations did a great job of putting together an excellent evening for all to enjoy. The food was great, the music was great, and it appeared that a great time was had by all.

As usual, The Hayward clan was out in full-force. Mark & Nancy were there with Patrick, Kelsey and Megan. Patrick did spend a lot of time under the table since his school principal and some of his teachers showed up. I guess the fear of teachers and administrators continues to this day!! But, Megan and Kelsey were in rare form, making their way around the room visiting the hundreds of people who were in attendance. Also, (as usual), the Dourado clan showed up in-force. Iíve come to learn that these relatives of the Hayward family will never turn down the opportunity to have a good time or support a good cause.

As now seems to be a tradition at events like these, I was again obligated to participate in the ever-famous "chicken dance". I think Iím getting better at it,..... but it is truly outrageous to watch Megan giggle at me as I wiggle on the dance floor. Anything for a good laugh!

Buzzy the Bee (the 101 FM Bee) showed up to shake his tail a few times with Megan and Kelsey and many of the other children who were present. This costumed character really captivates the interest of children and adults alike, and there were actually adults waiting in line to dance with him. His visits to many of the fund raising events and to Meganís home have always brought roars of laughter from the crowd. "Thanks Buzzy, and to your assistant. Youíve helped us to laugh through some tough times."

Well, the summer draws to an end, the pool is closed and many of the backyard toys have been stored away in the shed. Nancy does such a great job or re-organizing the shed, I hear sheís considering starting up a business to do this for other people as well!

Megan and Mark are still experiencing frequent bouts of pain as a result of their operations. There will probably be some medical reviews in the next few months to determine the cause for this. Megan continues to visit the clinic once a week for tests, and she still continues to take a vast array of medicines. Her hair is growing back, itís now about a few inches long, and full of wonderful curls.

We have hundreds of pictures from various fund raising events and family outings which took place over the summer which we will be putting up on the site soon. Youíll be able to view Meganís progress and see many of the things weíve all had the opportunity to experience. The extended family which surrounds Megan and her family is truly an amazing thing to be a part of.

Well, this is all for now. It has definitely been a year to remember, and a summer which brought many happy moments to Megan.

On Behalf of Mark and Nancy, Patrick, Kelsey and Megan,

We Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.



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