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20 September 2000
9:00 PM EST

Dear Friends,

I’m posting some of the previous email messages I’ve sent during the past few months to provide data on what has been going on with Megan and her family. Needless to say, I have written tomes about all of this, but have been unable to complete the words in a fashion for the updates. At the end of these 2 email messages, I will provide you with some current update data.

25 June 2000

Dear Friends of Megan,

On Thursday, June 22, 2000, Megan Hayward participated in the US Transplant Games in Orlando Florida.

I am pleased, (DELIGHTED,...OVERWHELMED, ECSTATIC) to inform you that our 4 year old friend won the GOLD MEDAL for the softball toss.

There will be more information posted to the Megan web site soon (with lots of pictures and stories). Just thought you would want to know that Megan represented the NE region competing with over 1,000 athletes on a national basis. Despite nearly 100 degree temperatures and 100% humidity,....Megan persevered,....and did her best.

When we post pictures of this brave little girl, will understand why we can't tell if we tasted the sweat dripping down our faces,....or,...tears of joys. Megan did us proud!!!! There will be more information posted later,.....but,....the most requested pin at this national/international event was the Megan "candle pin". One candle, child,.......a world of impact.

A lot of people got to experience the "Megan principle" first hand during the past week. She touched the lives and souls of so many people,.... just like she has touched our lives and our souls.

I know,... for most of us, it is a busy Monday morning. Please, stop for a moment,.....close your eyes, think of Megan or someone close to your heart,........ hold that thought for 3 minutes. View them in the shadows of your your eyes.......Now,..... do something which reflects the love you felt while your eyes were closed. Kiss a spouse, hug a child, start a food fight,...tell someone that you love them. Reach out and let them know that you have seen the "Megan candle".......let someone know that life "counts". Let someone know that their life counts. Let someone know that their life counts in yours.

Sometimes, love takes our hand and leads us,....much like the way Megan has lead me for the past few years. Hold tight,......the journey of love will change your life forever!!!!!

more later

mark s.

22 July 2000

Dear Friends of Megan;

I brought a cup of coffee to a corner room at Hasbro Children's Hospital this morning for Megan's father Mark. He had just woken up after spending the night there with Megan. Megan was admitted late Thursday night/early Friday morning running a 103 fever.

Friday was full of medical tests, IV pushes of antibiotics to stop some mysterious infections, and a Friday night session for a CAT scan.

I sat in the room, looking out over the city, as little Miss Megan tossed in her bed, still asleep. Her full head of hair tousled and mussed, 6 or so stuffed animals on her bed, her doll clutched ever so securely in her arms. It seems that just a few weeks ago, we were all in DisneyLand as Megan participated in the Transplant Olympics. Now we're in the hospital again??

There's something joyous about watching a child wake up. Something even more joyous about watching Megan wake up. My words could never describe those first looks from those big eyes of hers as she wakes from an evening's sleep.

Megan should be going home in a day (Sunday), and hopefully this was just another one of those "things". But as I think about it, after spending half the day playing with Megan and the stuffed Lion and Minnie and other characters, and all of the jokes, stories, and other things we did while the nurses and doctors were checking her port, IV lines, BP, temperature, etc., and as I watched the "shift" change from Megan's Dad to her Mom, occurred to me that I have been welcomed into a family which deals with life-critical issues on a daily basis. What many of us rarely have to deal with, they deal with as if it were a normal function of life. And I was sitting there, a part of it, playing with a little girl who had a permanent subcutaneous port in her chest so she could receive IV fluids, it was almost as if this was a normal thing to do on a Saturday morning. No, ....I haven't become insensitive to the reality of all of this,......I cry like anyone else,.... I ask God "Why" like anyone else,....and sometimes I try to hide from everything. But, if there is one thing I have learned from Megan and her family, moves on from moment to moment. We have the choice to deal with those things most important in our lives,.....or, we can deal with "the issues" (you know, those busy-body work-type things).

In my office, on my desk, sits a picture of Megan and me. (She has no hair in this picture, a result of the chemo at the time). We are both smiling, sitting on a rocking toy on the porch in her back yard. From time to time, when work gets really rough, when I think things have gotten too far out of hand,...when I feel like I've been unable to accomplish anything positive in life,.....I look at this picture, and I am reminded of one positive accomplishment in life that really counts.

Of all the clients, all the businesses, all the issues,.......nothing compares to watching Megan wake up, or watching her smile, laugh and giggle.

It is never too late to put that picture on your desk, to reach out and smile, to laugh, share, to love. There's lots of things we could all do,......only a few that truly count.

By the time you all receive this message, Megan should be home. Just wanted to share a few thoughts,......sometimes it's so easy to forget how precious some things are.

Megan's friend,

Mark S.

Current status:

20 September 2000
9:29PM EST

Dear Friends of Megan,

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, I have been very busy traveling the country, and it seems that every spare moment is dedicated to having fun with Megan. Although, I have received numerous email requests from people asking me what’s going on with Megan. So, I am sorry I have been so selfish enjoying being able to be with her while I was not writing what was going on.

We have had a few scares lately, an infection which landed her back at Hasbro for a few days, and recently, abdominal pains which resulted in CAT scans last week. Rest assured, the CAT scans came back negative, so, there will be some more tests performed when the family makes it’s way back to Johns Hopkins next week for a more intensive medical review of Megan’s status.

I would like to tell you all that we have “made it out of the woods”, but with all that has happened, I think we will all forever be living in the forest. Only God knows what will happen. All I know is, that whenever I am with Megan, life needs to be lived to its fullest. My apologies for not sharing all of the fun I have had with Megan and her family during the past months.

I think that many of the newest pictures we have put up on the site will let you know just how much fun we have all had.

In my travels, I find myself looking for things to bring back to “the kids” (Megan and Kelsey). Interesting, as a single person with no children, I go out of my way looking for things for children. When I came back from Texas recently, Megan asked me what I had “found”,....(knowing full well that she was wondering what “nifty” things I had procured). A couple of polished stones and an Alamo badge, and one would have thought I had delivered the crown jewels of England!!!

Anyway, just a few thoughts for all of you to ponder:..........

And Megan whispers “secrets” to me.
She cups her hands so no one will hear.
Her breath, warm & delightful as it tickles my ear.
She giggles her “little girl” laughter after she finishes her secret.
Our secret, our time, our special moment in life.
I will never tell the secrets.
Only the feelings I experience as this 4 year old life touches my soul with life’s stories.
There’s something special about the secret gifts whispered by a little girl.
They tell the stories, the wishes, and the dreams of life,
We as adults have long left behind.
They are the only link we have left,
To who we once were,
And, ultimately, to who we have become.
Although I cannot tell you the stories told to me by Megan,
I can tell you,.......that her secrets are,
The only ones that count in life

.....Never fail to listen to the stories of a child.
They see things so much clearer,
They can feel the truth,
They Love unconditionally.

From my heart to yours,....Thank You so much for all the caring, love and prayers for Megan and her Family. I hope the newest pictures let you share in the joy that Megan has brought to all of our lives. This is something which you all share in, her smiles, her laughter, and her jubilance in life.

Megan’s candle continues to glow for many of us. And trust me, without revealing any of Megan’s secrets, she is forever grateful for everything you all have done.

On behalf of Megan and her family,
Thank You, and Thank you for your prayers.

Mark S.



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