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05 September 1999
2:00 PM EST

Dear Friends,

Well, Iíve been lazy. No, rather busy, so Iím sorry for the late updates. The summer flew by and I can hardly believe that kids are back in school again. Patrick and Kelsey are now back in school, although there was a little scare last week when Kelsey was running a 102 fever. This type of thing still requires that Megan be secluded from her family to prevent any transmission of the illness to her.

Meganís medications are still being adjusted to deal with some fluctuations in her weekly tests and clinical reports. The initial period of significant concern still remains to be 18 months from the date of her operation, and the secondary period to determine any reoccurrence of cancer is 6 years. We havenít even reached the one year mark yet, but hundreds of people still provide their support, and express their concern.

I am happy to say that Megan and her family were able to enjoy some normal family vacations this summer. They were able to spend a few days in Old Orchard Beach in Maine, and a few days in New Hampshire.

Needless to say, the Hayward backyard and house hasnít ceased to be the main stopping off point for neighbors, friends, and all of the neighborhood kids. When you hear all of the neighborhood kids playing in the pool with Megan, with adults sitting on the side in conversation, it is heartwarming to realize just how close everyone has become. Less than 10 months ago I sat in a hospital room as Megan had lines and needles attached to her, with the incessant beeping of the monitor. It was nice to see her splashing in the pool this summer, laughing, calling out for Carol to come in swimming with her.

Although Iím telling you a lot of pleasant things, there are still many unpleasant things happening. Mark & Nancy have to deal with them everyday. But Megan has proved to be a real fighter and she endures all of the tests and medications like a real trooper. Sometimes, you can get exhausted just watching Mark & Nancy take care of Megan. I donít know where their energy comes from. Hopefully, I will be able to continue to post happy news.

As we move into the fall, I think of 2 upcoming events. Thanksgiving and Christmas. This Thanksgiving has truly given all of us something to be thankful for. And Christmas,....well, it will be a joy to see the candle in Meganís window with her safe and well at home with her family.

There are many other stories to tell about Megan, but Iíll save those for another day.

On behalf of Mark and Nancy, Patrick, Kelsey and Megan,

"Thank You" and "God Bless You" for your prayers, love and support!!



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