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08 August 1999
11:00 PM EST

Dear Friends,

Well, itís been over a month since the last update. I apologize for the lack of news, but so many things have been happening that I have been selfishly spending more time with Megan and her family and havenít been sharing all of this with you.

I have lots of new pictures to put up on the web site, and still have to provide the concluding information on recent fundraisers (both of which were great successes). It is difficult to attend to these "logical" things when you have the opportunity to sit in the back yard with Megan and play.

I donít mean to diminish the critical nature of Meganís illness. She is still very ill, and susceptible to all sorts of infections as well as the continued lookouts for the return of cancer, the rejection of her fatherís liver, and numerous other complications which are probable after such an ordeal.

Megan recently went back down to Johns Hopkins for an intensive review and evaluation of her medical status. The test results (X-rays, blood tests, CAT scans) were delivered to the staff at Johns Hopkins for their review. Various adjustments were made to her medications, and the weekly clinical test will continue with extraordinary attention to a few specific medical indicators.

At this point in time, Mark and Nancy are both back to work, but their employers are gracious enough to allow them the flexibility to make the weekly clinic sessions and frequent return trips to Baltimore. I would like to tell you that life is "back to normal" for this family, but there will never be any going back to the way things were. From now on, "normal" will always be accompanied with a dozen or so drugs in the refrigerator, daily conferences with doctors and technicians, and being on a first name basis with the doctors and staff of numerous medical facilities.

Megan is here with all of us. She smiles, she laughs, she plays in the pool, she plays on the computer, she tells stories, asks to be told stories,......she is full of life. Her hair is growing back, her scars are disappearing, she acts like a typical 3-year old.

Today, no one can look at Megan with a tear in their eye. Megan will make you laugh. Sheíll make you smile. Megan is full of the life which so many people have shared. This little girl who is still so sick, will touch your hand and the energy of life will flow from her to you.

I had the opportunity to attend an annual family gathering of the Dourado family, these are the cousins which Mark (Meganís father) is related to. There were approximately 150 people in attendance representing 3 generations of this family. Megan proudly wore her T-shirt indicating that she was a member of the youngest generation of this family. Each generation has a different color T-shirt.

As this day-long event went on, there was a time when pictures were taken of each generation. Wouldnít it be nice if some day Megan would be seen in one of the pictures of the older generation?

We all hold on to things which are precious in life. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to know what to hold on to. Megan is one of those precious people to hold on to . If there is anything which Megan has taught all of us, itís to look around for all of the people who need our love, prayers and support. The battle continues for all the Meganís of the world. It is only when YOU reach out to help them that their lives and our lives are fulfilled.

Sometimes, the things we do fulfill our lives and the lives of others. It is always nice to have someone to love, and it is always nice to be loved. At the recent golf tournament, people flew into RI from around the country just to play a game a golf to raise money for Megan. It was a hot and humid day to play golf, but despite the discomforts of the weather, all seemed worth it when the participants got to see Megan. She touched their hearts with a smile and twinkle in her eyes which said more than any verbal "Thank You" ever could have said. And if you could have seen her parents and family members, you would have known that they felt the overwhelming love as well.

When you touch Meganís smile, you touch one of Godís most precious gifts.

On behalf of Mark and Nancy, Patrick, Kelsey and Megan,

"Thank You" and "God Bless You" for your prayers, love and support!!



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