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30 May 1999
11:00 PM EST

A Point in Time: Memorial Day Weekend, Sunday, Aunt Ceís backyard.

Many of us had been invited (family & friends) to this casual (traditional) event,... a backyard pic-nic. Aunt Ce was the host. Many of her friends had prepared ethnic dishes to celebrate this annual celebration of Trinity Sunday which is a rather magnificent event in East Providence in honor of St. Isabella, a Portugese Queen and benefactor of the poor and needy.

We had all been told to get there early, so we could be there for the parade which would pass by Aunt Ceís house. She lives on a rather narrow street and I couldnít imagine a parade marching down her street, but, never doubt one of the Dourados!

It is always nice to be invited to a pic-nic, but extra special to be invited to one where Megan and her family would be present. Megan, Kelsey and Patrick are always so nice to be around,.. they have lots of energy and interesting things to discuss. Besides, any personal time with Megan is precious!

The Hayward family arrived, and soon we were all introduced to the latest version of "aquatic-style squirt guns"! The "shark," "porpoise" and "whale" squirt guns made their rounds throughout the day. No one was exempt from their penetrating squirts of water. People from the ages of 3 to 70 (being polite here) were either squirting or were squirted upon. Rather funny what you can do with a squirt-gun,.... but more importantly, it was rejuvenating to see "all ages" playing with these toys.

Megan was sneaking up on people in her cute blue dress and pink hat, squirting people! A few scant months ago, this little girl was close to death, but here she was playing the childhood games that all kids should be entitled to.

Kelsey was fully into all of this as well. In her "safari" shorts, she blended in well with the back-yard foliage, and was able to mount her "camouflage" attacks with ease. It was those incessant returns to the kitchen sink for re-fills which gave the rest of us a short respite from childhood games.

We all went out to the side walk to watch the parade. Although almost 90 degrees in the sun, the parade and band marched by. People in full-dress outfits and gowns, musicians in uniform, and the crowns of St. Isabella. It was impressive to say the least.

A return to the shaded back yard, feasting on various foods and deserts. Good conversation with family and friends,.... pure sense of relaxation. Every once in a while, Mark would play short bursts of Portugese music on his pocket recorder (something he started from the moment he arrived), claiming that the parade was coming back again just for us.

The children played, the adults conversed, the food was great, and it was one of those "safe" afternoons when everything was right with the world.

Another Point in Time:

Megan continues her tests at the Hasbro clinic every week. Her blood and liver function levels continue to fluctuate. Adjustments are made in her daily medications, and she continues to be monitored intensively for organ rejection and infection.

Her hair is beginning to grow back, but I needed to be reminded of this. It has become very easy to look into Meganís eyes and hear her laughter. Iíve forgotten that she lost her hair let alone that it is now growing back. Despite the many visions I have of Megan, she has always been a beautiful child. Iíve learned to see her for who she is, rather than what she looks like. On any given day, Megan will continue to be who she is, and her family will continue to deal with her realities. God will guide her, and your prayers will continue to be beacons of light.

Iíve told you a story about a fun day, a pic-nic. Itís nice to be able to tell you good things. Nice to tell you about happy moments spent with Megan and her family. But each day, each moment is shadowed by medical uncertainties. We donít know what will happen next. We donít know how a childís growing body will react to drugs and medications.

We do know that your prayers have been a guide and a beacon for all of us.

On behalf of Megan and her Family,....

Thank you!!



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