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16 April 1999
5:00 PM EST

OK! Just because we havenít posted anything in a while, doesnít mean that nothingís been going on. Weíre in the process of compiling all of the information about the very successful Border To Border Road race which was held last Sunday. And in a few hours Iíll be at the spaghetti dinner at Phillips Hall in East Providence, so Iím sure Iíll have lots of stories to tell about family and friends getting together for that event as well. Also, as soon as available, weíll have more information up on the site about the upcoming golf tournament.

Needless to say, a lot of things have been happening to support Megan and her family, and each event has been an opportunity for people in the community to reach out to Megan and to join with others as part of a family in our efforts. Many of us have made new friends, and have come to learn just how important our individual efforts can be in attempting to make life easier for Megan.

Meganís drug therapies and the numerous weekly trips to the clinic to check blood levels and transplant status have been grueling and confusing. Sometimes, one drug makes one thing better, but it interferes with something else. So, the delicate process of balancing the dosage of various drugs sometimes seems like a "trial and error" process. The results of this weekís "experiment" seem to have found at least some kind of balance which leaves Megan with pretty good blood levels in all categories.

Regarding Megan herself,.....well,... sheís a real trooper! She has changed a lot in the past year. Despite her illness, she has a sense of humor which rivals that of anyone in the room at the time. She has an outlook on life which is nothing less than overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Listening to her, you would never know that she has gone through so many life threatening experiences in the past year, so many grueling treatments and operations, living day to day with a refrigerator full of drugs, injections, tests, probes, more tests, etc. Each moment of her life is a gift, and there is no "out of the woods" for Megan for at least another few years. But, if you listen to Megan talk, you would be tempted to think that she feels as if this is all a normal process. Meganís courage, determination and persistent sense of humor truly humbles the rest of us.

So, just as soon as we have all of the data regarding recent events, weíll post it here. Rest assured, for the time being, Megan is doing just great considering what she has gone through and has yet to go through.

No one ever expected so many people to bond together for such an extended period of time to help Megan and her family. Maybe we have all become part of an extended family which has reached across the country. The battle for Meganís life will last forever. Personally, I donít think I ever want to stop fighting the battle with her, and I donít think I ever want to stop being part of the extended family that has been created because of her. I think all of you feel the same way as well.

Sometimes, when darkness, cold and fear envelope us, when all hope seems lost, when the only word which comes to your lips is "Why?,"..... somewhere in that dark void is a flicker of light and warmth. You look closer, the light grows larger, itís not just one light but hundreds and hundreds of lights. The "flicker" of light is Meganís candle, and there are now thousands of Meganís candles across the country. The darkness no longer seems as dark, the cold no longer seems as cold, and the fear is not as frightening. The darkness cold and fear have not gone away, they will always be there. But for today, there is the light, warmth and security which all of Meganís friends have brought to her and her family. Each and every one of you has individually helped to illuminate the life of Megan and her family. You have brought warmth and comfort to a situation which no family should have to endure alone.

It is said that a battle can be fought in many ways. I tend to think that an army of people with Meganís candles is probably one of the best ways I have ever heard of.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support. Thank you for being part of the family. But most of all,
Thank You for Meganís giggle and laughter!



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