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4 April 1999
7:00 AM EST

Although only a few months late, on Saturday 3 April 1999, friends and family gathered at Meganís house to celebrate her third birthday. The theme was "pink" and all those in attendance were required to wear something pink. "Miss Megan" was "divine" in her casual pink house dress, and her sister Kelsey just "wowed" the crowd in her stylish pink coveralls. Mom had a pink tee-shirt, but really ruled the evening with her pink sneakers. Dad was more conservative with his pink dress shirt.

The evening was topped by an appearance of the "B101 Bee" who proceeded to dance with children and adults alike. We were all reminded of the wonderful evening at Rhodes on The Pawtuxet back in February when the Bee performed for us while Megan was still in the hospital in Baltimore. This time, we were all in Meganís house, amidst the comforts of home and friends.

If youíve never met the B101 Bee, let me tell you, he truly touches the hearts of everyone. He danced up a storm, and Megan was giggling as he tripped the light fantastic on the kitchen "dance floor". Sometimes, a simple costumed character can bring the greatest levels of joy during some of the most difficult times. The Bee has helped us laugh during difficult times, he has let us know that there is joy and imagination in all aspects of life. A heartfelt thanks goes out to B101 and the B101 Bee and his assistant. We all heard the giggles and laughter of Megan as you danced around the kitchen floor,..... and as Iíve always said, there is nothing more precious in life than the sound of a childís laughter. Thank you for being there with us and for us. Your gift is something which will never be forgotten.

Despite all of this, Megan moves on with her treatments. As of the end of this week, her counts plummeted and intense consultations were engaged to determine the cause. She will most likely have to travel back to Johns Hopkins for a more intensive review of her status, with additional tests and treatments.

I watched as her Mom lined up at least 6 different medications while we were all at the house this evening. Megan was rather cooperative, but decided that for each medication she would require one black olive as a reward for the successful application of medication. Itís something else to see a 3 year old walking around with black olives on all fingers. Oh, by the way, the extra price for the black olives was a hug and a kiss. So, after each dose of medication, Megan would hug and kiss her Mom, knowing that this was the payment for the black olives. It would be nice if all of Meganís medical problems could be resolved with hugs and kisses.

An elementary school class in Coventry organized a prayer group which initiated over 650 prayers for Megan. They made a card which I delivered to Megan, and Iíll most likely visit the class to say Thank you. As Mark has always said, much of Meganís future depends upon prayers. It is truly touching to know that so many people care, and that so many people care enough to pray. Tonightís belated birthday celebration is proof positive that many of these prayers have been answered.

As Easter is upon us, I tend to think of previous lessons from the Bible. If this is a time for rebirth, or renewed life, let us all pray that Megan be included in this renewal of life. Megan is only 3 years old. Her innocence in this world and in Godís world is beyond reproach.

As a final note,..... I mentioned earlier that due to the recent chemo treatments that Megan has lost all of her hair. She thinks itís "neat" because she no longer has to deal with combing and brushing. However personally vain I might be about my own hair, when I see Megan, hair is no longer an issue. I see a very beautiful child, I see the same person I saw before. I see a vivacious child who loves her mommy and daddy and brother and sister the same as she always did. I think I see more of who Megan really is now than I ever saw before. At first, I was afraid that I would see a 3 year old with no hair. What I see is a 3 year old with a heart of gold, with a love of life, who has a sense of courage and determination that could move mountains. Megan is beautiful just the way she is! Megan is a beautiful lesson for all of us.

Pink cooties on 10 toes, black olives on 10 fingers, a musical birthday candle, and a dancing B101 Bee! Thank you for the prayers which brought all of us this rare evening of family joy.

On behalf of Mark & Nancy & Meganís family & friends,
Thank you for the gift of Megan through your prayers!!!!



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