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29 February 2000
1:00 PM EST

Dear Friends,

OK! After many months of procrastination, the new set of pictures will finally be going up on the web site. Give my coder a few days and youíll be able to look at various scenes from various events which took place last year. Iíll send out a message to let you know when theyíre active, or, you can just go to the picture section on the site and look for the additions.

Meganís been doing really well, although the colds, fevers and childhood ailments still persist. Not fun when her temperature hits 101 or 102. Mark was showing me some of the new medications the other night. Just one little bottle (and that was only one of many) costs more than most people make in a week! As anticipated, the expenses of the daily maintenance drugs are just phenomenal.

But, Megan continues to run through life as if there was nothing wrong. At a recent event to honor cousin Kayís 50'th Birthday, Megan participated in a skit where she played a ballerina and a Brownie Scout. She did the costume changes and "acted" out her part like a true pro! As almost 100 members of the Dourado family looked on, Megan proved that she could persevere through almost every challenge.

Markís second operation seems to have resolved many of his problems, although he still has some pain. Letís hope that the next visit to the doctorís office provides some answers to all of this.

A few weeks ago, I was on a business trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. After my work was done, I took some time to drive up to the Grand Canyon, a place I had never been to before. I arrived at the El Tovar hotel (on the southern rim) on Sunday afternoon 2/6/00. Since I was away from RI, I was not able to make my Sunday visit to Hasbro Chapel, so, I thought a walk along the rim at sunset would give me the opportunity to view the grandeur of the Canyon and also have a conversation with God.

The beauty of the Canyon was just overwhelming, and as the sun set over the horizon, the other people who were sitting on the precipice with me all went silent. It was as if we were all witness to the majestic accomplishments of God. There were no words, no movement,.....we all just sat there in our private thoughts, watching as nature played out the end of another day.

It is impossible to think that God is not with you, as you look down almost a mile to the Canyon floor, or up to the brilliant hues of orange, red and blue as the sun slowly sinks below the walls of the Canyon, making way for the twilight hues of dark blue and black, and the glistening of evening stars.

I thought a lot about Megan while I was watching all of this. The beauty of nature, the presence of God,...there was no way I couldnít think of her and all of the things which have happened in the past few years. All of the things which have happened to all of us because we have been given the gift of sharing in Meganís life.

As dusk enveloped the small group of people on the edge, and as it got cold and dark rather quickly, each of us got up and slowly made our way back to wherever we were staying. I walked alone along the path to my hotel. Despite the darkness, my feet seemed to be guided along the path, a safe distance from the edge of the Canyon. I kept saying Meganís name to myself, thinking that God would hear. I thought about removing the Megan pin from my jacket and leaving it somewhere on the edge, but something told me not to. I stopped somewhere along the way, looked out into the darkness of the abyss and thought about all the people whoís lives have been impacted by Megan, and all of the other people who are like Megan going through similar experiences.

It was when I thought of everyone, Megan and everyone like her, that I felt like I was not alone. It was as if God was telling to me think of everyone who needed his help, not just the one person who I was close to. Although I have always said that Meganís Pin is a candle that lights the way for all of us, here I was trying to tell God only about her. God may have heard me when I was thinking about Megan, but I sure felt like he was beside me when I thought of ALL the people in the world like Megan. I think the message was that God wants us all to act globally in our thoughts and prayers. I guess this was my lesson for the day. Despite not having gone to Chapel that Sunday,......I sure felt like God and the Canyon listened.

After reaching my hotel, I stood on the rim for a final goodbye to the splendor, and thought about what had just happened. As for the Megan Pin,.....I kept it on my jacket.

The next morning, not wanting to miss sunrise, I made my way out to the Canyon again. It was dark, cold, and about an hour before the majestic sunrise would light up the Canyon walls. I asked someone to take my picture, thinking that the flash would at least light me and the close surroundings. A week later, after having the pictures processed, one of the pictures is rather dark, an outline of me with a sunrise lit Canyon in the background.

There is only one thing you can really make out of me in the picture, fully illuminated and visible,........Meganís Pin on my jacket! Glistening and brilliant, as if a guiding beacon for all of us. Despite the darkest hours in all of our lives, there is always a "Meganís Pin" to guide the way. Something to think about.

On Behalf of Megan and her Family,

Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing. Thanks for helping all of the other "Megans" in the world.



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