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7 February 1999
1:00 PM EST

Here's the update which many of you have been requesting!
A lot of people have been very busy during the past month putting together various plans for numerous fundraising events. The dedication of hundreds of volunteers has been just overwhelming. We will try to identify some of the things which have been done in this update, but we advise you to check the other pages on this site to see the specific things which have been going on.

First, we'll give you some personal information, then we'll give you the logistics updates.

Megan and her father and mother were able to make it back home for almost 2 weeks. So, for a short period of time, the entire family was reunited and in their own home.

Megan has made phenomenal progress, and is more active than she's ever been before! Her prognosis is good, but now the next round of treatments begin. Mark, Nancy and Megan will be flying back down to Baltimore today, and Megan will be readmitted to Johns Hopkins for an intensive series of chemotherapy treatments which should last a week. The recovery period from this round of chemotherapy will be approximately 2 weeks, so they should be down in Baltimore until sometime in March. Just imagine, almost another month away from home!

Mark is still having problems with his incision, but he claims that the daily nursing care visits have helped to speed up the healing process, although he is still in pain.

The past week has provided the family with an opportunity to be at home and rest with family and friends. The candle still shines in Megan's window, and our prayers and best wishes will continue until Megan is completely healthy and her family can return home for good!

Now, for some logistics:

The "50's Dance" scheduled for the 13th looks to be a sell-out! There are also many other events being scheduled, and you can read about them on the Events page.

Megan's cousin designed a "candle" button which is being sold throughout the Seekonk and East Providence schools as well as The Lincoln School. The cost is $2 each. For more information contact (401) 435-4903 Ext. 713

A "candle" pin will be available for sale at the 50's dance on the 13th for $10 each. For more information contact (401) 435-4903 Ext. 713

A Raffle will be held at the "50's Dance" with a great list of prizes which have been graciously donated by:

American Airlines
Pearson Travel
Progressive Financial Strategies
Michael Killoran
Lincoln Environmental
and many, many others!

For additional information on how to purchase a raffle ticket, or for a description of the prizes, please contact: Ms. Debbi-Jo Horton at: (401) 965-4988 or, contact the Fund directly at: (401) 435-4903 ext. 713.

The Executive Committee of The Megan Hayward Fund has established a second "charitable" fund through the Seekonk Lions Club for those people interested in making tax-free contributions to the Fund. This second fund was established for those people wanting to make donations which were tax free. Sincere appreciation goes out to the Seekonk Lions Club for making this option available.

Literally hundreds of people: friends, family members, business associates, organizations, associations, school children, (and the list goes on and on), have participated in some way to help Megan and her Family. Meetings have been held almost every day to support fundraising and committee activities. People have donated their time, their homes, their financial resources to help make the Megan Fund activities successful.

Prayer groups have been created around the country and on the internet!

On a more personal note:

I received a request from a business associate in California who had a close friend who was diagnosed with liver cancer. She asked if there was any way I could provide them with contact information to the staff at Johns Hopkins since she was aware of the wonderful medical treatment Megan had received. Megan's father graciously forwarded the information, and the doctors and staff at Johns Hopkins have been in communication with the person in California to discuss medical options. It is truly a small world! Maybe, just maybe, all of the things which Megan and her family have endured might provide some assistance to another family with similar needs. Everything which everyone has done on behalf of Megan and her Family has now begun to benefit others as well!

As I write this update, the jets taking off from T.F.Green are flying over my home. On one of those jets is Megan and her mother and father, leaving home to face the next series of medical treatments. A week ago, I was playing with Megan and the new "bunny rabbit" pillow someone had given her. Tonight, I will pray for the safe return of that happy smile and giggly laugh. I will also say a prayer of thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of people who have paused long enough in their lives to do something to make sure that Megan continues to smile and laugh. After all which has happened, there is a possibility that the candle which shines in Megan's bedroom window,...... shines for all the people in the world!

On behalf of Mark & Nancy,

"Thank you for your prayers and support!"



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