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21 January 2000
11:00 PM EST

Dear Friends,

Although I have sent out a few E-Mails notifying you of various things which have taken place, I wanted to post this information to the web site, and provide you with some additional insights.

The trip to Johns Hopkins was OK, Megan is doing fine and will continue to be monitored. Markís operation to deal with the scar tissue and adhesions/lesions (which took place on 1/12/00) was successful, and despite an overnight stay in the hospital, he was able to return home on 1/13/00 for Meganís 4'th Birthday. He has gone back to the doctors to check on some post-op issues, but with any luck, heíll be up and about in his "normal self" before long.

Although these are some of the things I have mentioned in previous E-Mails to many people, the thoughts of my message tonight are a little bit different.

For many months now, I have made it a habit to attend the Sunday services at the Chapel in Hasbro Hospital. Despite my somewhat "questionable or conflicting" religious background, as well as a "less than perfect" past, I have always believed in God. Although enticed to attend a service at the Chapel last year (albeit, I was probably dragged), there was something about being in Hasbro Hospital and at Chapel at the same time which has made me want to return each week. Iím not overtly religious, but, the coincidence of the Chapel at Hasbro, and everything which has happened to Megan,...... it all just seems like the right place to be and the right thing to do. Iíve been told that Iím one of those "fallen Christians". Whatever the term may mean, all that I know, is Iíve yet to figure out why I attend these services. I donít know if I go for me, or, if I go to make sure that God knows Iím watching to make sure that God watches over Megan.

For whatever reason, taking a little time on Sunday to attend Chapel has had a positive impact. From time to time, Megan and her family attend services there, and it is really nice to be close to them and close to God all at the same time. (Not that any of us are ever far away from each other). But there seems to be a family at Hasbro, and the doctors, nurses and patients frequently show up at Chapel. There is a common bond which we all share. And I am sure that there is a common prayer we all pray as well.

A few months ago, I met the family of a little boy who was a patient at Hasbro during one of the services at Chapel. He had been diagnosed with cancer, and was undergoing treatments. Mark was there, and introduced us all, some of the nurses were there as well. Itís a small world at Hasbro, not too difficult to meet all the people trying to deal with an illness. Not too difficult to reach out and touch the hand of someone who is praying.

On Monday, 1/17/00 this little 9 year old boy lost his battle with cancer. 2 days later, the 70 year old father of a very good friend of mine died as well. Despite the difference in age, both were vibrant in life, and touched the lives of so many people around them.

Some might think that the young boy was only at the beginning of his life, and that the older man was at the end of his. Was one death crueler or more shocking than the other. The young boy had never had the opportunity to touch the lives of his own children or grandchildren. The older man did have children and grandchildren. Despite the difference in age, 9 or 70, I guarantee you that thousands of people have been impacted by the passing of these 2 people. Many people will mourn the loss of a 9 year old little boy, and many will mourn the loss of a 70 year old man. Some will ask God why there wasnít a lifetime of experiences left for one, or, just a few more years for the other.

I have no answers from God, and I have never asked him these kinds of questions. But, what I have learned in the past few years is that every moment is precious. Megan has taught me that! I donít know what today holds in store for me, or, for anyone that I care about. I donít know who will leave my life today or tomorrow, or, if even I will be here today or tomorrow.

Part of me is selfish. I think, least Megan is OK. But that could change in an instant. It is something I have always feared, and it is something we all fear about the ones we love and hold so close to out hearts. So, what is it Iím trying to say here? I donít really know for sure. Some of us find comfort in prayer, some of us find comfort in others. Life just happens.

All I know is that when Life is here, donít skip a moment, donít miss a beat. Donít shy away from the smiles or the hard times. Donít be afraid to care, donít be afraid to share. When someone leaves this life, it is the caring and sharing which makes up the memories we have to carry us through the rest of our years.

No one is ever forgotten if they were loved. No one who was ever loved is ever forgotten.

What does this all have to do with Megan? Look at the candle. Itís not just for her, itís for all of us. Donít forget to reach out and tell someone how much you care. A little girl, a little boy, a grandfather,...... theyíre all just part of what our lives are made of. Light the candle and tell someone how you feel. Life starts with the first touch!

This one is from me.....

In loving memory of Sean and Leo,
2 lives that never met,
but,.... souls that touched us.

On behalf of everyone,...... thanks for believing.

Mark S.



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