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20 January 1999
6:00 PM EST

Telephone conversation with Mark today. On Friday, 15 January 1999, Patrick and Kelsey flew down to Baltimore with Grandma and Papa to spend the weekend with the rest of their family. Friday was also the day that Mark and Megan were released from the hospital and they moved into the Ronald McDonald house which is located about four miles from Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The entire family spent a pleasant weekend together, and Holly and Bill Hay, friends who live in Calvert County took Patrick, Kelsey and Nancy to the Inner Harbor Aquarium for a little sight-seeing.

Megan is being described as the "miracle baby" since none of the doctors have ever seen a pediatric liver transplant patient recuperate so quickly. Megan is known to be the quickest in hospital pediatric patient they have ever seen at Johns Hopkins,.... eight days. She is actually "up" and walking around, watching TV and her favorite videos (mostly rugrats), and playing with all of her favorite toys. Mark says that the Ronald McDonald house is great, it gives them all a chance to be together, rather than Nancy having to run from one hospital room to the other to check on Mark and Megan.

Mark's incision wound is still giving him problems,.... they removed 51 staples from the wound on Tuesday, but there are still 4 remaining in the area where the wound is causing problems. He will continue to have nursing care for the next few weeks.

Today, Megan will receive her second round of five initial special anti-rejection medications. Megan is also taking numerous other medications at this time. Most of these medications she will take during the first year of transplantation. All medications are evaluated every other day.

Now for some GREAT news! With any luck, Mark, Nancy and Megan might be able to return home for a few days in the near future, possibly within the next two weeks. It'll only be for a few days before they will have to return to Baltimore to begin the next round of chemotherapy, but at least they'll all be able to sleep in their own beds .......and the entire family will be together again in their own home. Thanksgiving in January!!!!

Your prayers and kind acts have truly helped this family. Some people have actually started prayer groups on the internet! Everything which everyone has done has truly touched the hearts of Megan and her family.

More information later as it becomes available.
Thank you.



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