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14 January 1999
6:15 PM EST

Telephone conversation with Mark this evening. He is recuperating well, although there were minor complications with his incision which have required additional treatments. He is well enough to leave his room and visit Megan.

The doctors are still amazed at the recuperative powers which Megan has been exhibiting. Her progress has gone so well, that Mark, Nancy and Megan might actually be able to make it back home for a week before they have to return to Baltimore for the next stages of chemotherapy.

Patrick and Kelsey are doing very well at home, although Kelsey has missed playing games on the internet with her sister Megan, and Patrick has missed the guidance of his father when it comes to doing his homework every night.

**A personal note:

Although we have all been praying for Megan and for Mark (to ensure a successful outcome from their operations), I request a prayer for Nancy. She has had to leave her 2 oldest children at home, to be with her youngest child and her husband while they underwent life-threatening surgery. She has been a mother to 2 children at home, and a mother to one child who is critically ill. She has also been a loving wife. She was there when life-threatening risks faced both her daughter and her husband, and she has spent all of her time between 2 separate hospital rooms.

Tonight, I will think of and say a prayer for Nancy. No family could ever have a more dedicated mother or wife.



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