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10 January 1999
6:45 AM EST

Mark called me this morning from his hospital bed in Baltimore, still rather heavily sedated, but anxious to communicate with people on the "outside". He said that Megan was doing "fantastic" and that the doctors were amazed at how well she was recovering. Megan is still in isolation to prevent any possibility of infection. This is critical since the chemotherapy seriously reduces the body's immune system.

Mark will most likely require another week or so to recover from his major surgery. Megan will be in recovery for at least another 6 weeks. After that, Megan will undergo another chemotherapy session which will take place in the hospital in Baltimore.

Nancy has been staying with Megan in her room, and spends her time visiting and caring for Mark and Megan.

Patrick and Kelsey are at home with friends and neighbors. The single candle is still shining in the window, and the Christmas village which Mark had set up in the living room for Christmas is still there, waiting for the return of this family to their home.



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