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Megan's Home Page

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Megan's cousin designed a "candle" button which is being sold throughout the Seekonk and East Providence schools as well as The Lincoln School. The cost is $2 each. For more information contact (401) 435-4903 Ext. 713

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A "candle" pin is for sale to show your support for Megan. The cost is $10 each. For more information contact (401) 435-4903 Ext. 713

In June of 1998, a small bump on the abdomen of a little girl which wouldnít go away caused her parents to bring her to the doctor for an examination. What was initially a small, insignificant blemish led to an ultimate diagnosis of hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer which would change the life of this little girl and all of those around her.

The little girlís name is Megan. She was just 2 Ĺ when this all began. Her parents, Mark and Nancy, and her older brother and sister Patrick and Kelsey would soon be caught up in a whirlwind of medical procedures and life-threatening operations which would put this entire family at risk.

This web site has been created to help Megan and her family, and to let others know about her progress. The original message which was posted with the creation of this web site is included at the end of this opening message. We wanted to update the opening message to give everyone who visits this site a more timely insight into the life of Megan. You can also access some of the initial information about Megan by going to the Personal Appeal section which will remain in its initial format for the life of this web site.

In January 1999, Meganís liver was removed and replaced with a major portion of her fatherís liver. This operation was life-threatening to both father and daughter. The pre-operative and post-operative complications for both were grueling. Chemo-therapy treatments for Megan, although touch-and-go, had the desired effects, but, a little girl with long dark hair soon faced the world with no hair at all. Just 6 days after her transplant operation, Megan turned 3 years old. In less than a year, this little girl had endured and survived more medical procedures than most of us endure in a lifetime. Her medical bills exceeded anything that any of us would ever earn in a lifetime!

As we approach Christmas 1999 and the end of a century, hopefully Megan will have the opportunity to be at home with her family. Last year, she spent it in a hospital with IV lines, monitor leads, and I donít think Santa Claus ever made it to her hospital room.

The next six years will be critical for Megan, as she makes weekly trips to the clinic for tests, and periodic trips to Johns Hopkins for medical reviews. Each day brings another worry, another concern,..... is it just a cold, or is something else happening? Has her immune system failed,.....has her body begun to reject the transplant?

Since the initial diagnosis in June 1998, many people from across the country have united to help Megan and her family. There have been various fundraisers, and thousands of people have sent in donations to offset personal and medical expenses. We try to post frequent status updates to let people know how Megan is doing. We also post a variety of pictures to let everyone know about Meganís life, her family, and to let everyone know that their support has allowed this little girl to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life. We hope that these "insights" into Meganís life allow all of you to share in the joy and revelation of the smiles which Megan has graced us with.

A lot of things have happened since the initial diagnosis. Parents have hugged their children closer, friends have gotten closer to their friends and families, and people have reached out to others to lend a helping hand. Many of us have stopped our hectic lives long enough to experience the smiles and laughter of those around us,......especially the children. And Meganís smile has touched the souls of so many people.

The life-threatening trials will continue for Megan for many years to come. Megan and her family continue to need your support. But, if there is one lesson to be learned from this experience, remember that the candle which signifies Meganís life is a candle which signifies the lives of all of the other people in the world who need love, prayers and support. There are a lot of Megans in the world, and they all need our help.

To the countless thousands of people who have done something to help Megan or someone like Megan, a heartfelt Thank You to all of you. Your prayers and actions have helped to bring smiles to the faces of many.

We will continue to let you know how Megan is doing, and will continue to post "family pictures" so you can watch this little girl grow up. You are all part of this family, and this is just our way of sharing the family picture album with all of you. We hope that as you look into the smiling eyes of Megan, you feel the warmth and love that we feel.

"...and a child shall lead them....."

On behalf of Mark, Nancy, Patrick, Kelsey and Megan
Thank you for your prayers.....
Thank you for being a part of our family........
Thank you for Megan!

(Following is the original opening text when this web site was created)

Megan celebrated her 3'rd Birthday on 1/13/99. In the past 6 months she has survived a near fatal cancer diagnosis, has undergone numerous chemotherapy treatments, and just 6 days before her 3'rd Birthday her liver was removed and replaced with a portion of her fatherís liver.

Meganís smile and determination despite insurmountable odds has captured the hearts of many of us. "The Megan Hayward Fund" is our way of helping this little girl and her family.

This web page has been created to provide information about "The Megan Hayward Fund". Please click on any of the links above to: learn more about the fund, get medical updates, see pictures of Megan, or, learn more about the fundraising events we have planned.

"There is nothing more precious, more indescribable, than the joyous twinkle in the eyes of a child, or the sight of a family all together, safe and healthy at home."

On behalf of Megan and ALL of the members of her family,.....

"God Bless You" for your prayers and "Thank You" !!!!


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