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This is a listing of some of the seminar, lecture and workshop presentations developed by DEION ASSOCIATES & STRATEGIES, INC. All of this information is available in hard copy, some are Power Point presentations, and some are supportive documents used during various presentations.

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Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) New York 4 March 2001
"Using The Internet As A Strategic Business Tool"

Inside Self-Storage Trade Fair   Buffalo, New York 11-12 May 2000
"Revolutionize Your Marketing via the Internet"

Using The Internet as a Strategic Business Tool
A Basic Internet Guide
2'nd in a series

            (Power Point Presentation)

Using The Internet as a Strategic Business Tool.
            (Power Point Presentation)

Using The Internet as a Strategic Business Tool.

"The Internet: A Paradigm Shift In The Making"

"The Internet As A Tool,....Not A Miracle"

"The Internet As A Business Tool"

"Doing Business On The Internet",....The Next Steps.

"Doing Business On The Internet" An Introductory Seminar On How To Use the Internet.

The following documents have been created by Mark S. Deion as a supplement to a course he teaches at Brown University entitled: "Starting A Consulting Business".

"Starting A Consulting Business" - Class Schedule / Topics

Preliminary Overview of Consultant Skills - Services "The Raw Material"

"Setting The Fee"

Business Plan Outline

Associations / Organizations

Additional Resources (Text Reference)

"Professional Experience vs. Client Track Record. A Commentary"

Developing A Business Plan

Business Plans for Existing Businesses

*Anatomy Of A Business Plan
            (Power Point Presentation)

*Automatiser Votre Plan de Developpement Commercial       (French version)
            (Power Point Presentation)

*Automatize o Seu Plano Empresarial       (Portugese version)
            (Power Point Presentation)

*Anatomia De Un Plan De Negocio       (Spanish version)
            (Power Point Presentation)

*These Power Point Presentations have been developed in conjunction with the book "Anatomy of a Business Plan" and the software "Automate Your Business Plan", created by Linda Pinson, owner of Out of Your Mind....And Into the Marketplace, a developer of business planning and development books and software.
Their web site can be accessed at: http://www.business-plan.com

Business Planning Guide

Business Questionnaire International Trade: Former Soviet Union

Business Development: Latvia / USA

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