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For excellent resources about sites to see, places to stay (on line reservations), check out the following web sites:
  AmfacParks & Resorts:
Grand Canyon National Park:
Grand Canyon National Park:

El Tovar Hotel
Grand Canyon National Park Lodges
PO Box 699
Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023
Tel:   520-638-2631
URL:   http://amfac.worldres.com/script/gen_prop.asp?hotel_id=1408&n=5

Right on the rim! Walk out the door and the canyon is there! Great walking access to various look-out points, other facilities, and you can catch a great sunrise or sunset. If you go, bring twice as much film as you thought you'd need.

Jerome & Cottonwood

Jerome is an interesting town on the side of a mountain which once was populated with 15,000 people mining for copper. Now, the population is less than 500. It's easy to miss if you're a tourist, but it is surely a place you should visit if you want to "rise above" the trials and tribulations of "lower" places. Artists and eclectic sorts abound in this town, but you will be able to "touch" many of the things which we "city folk" seem to take for granted. For additional information on Jerome, check out:
  Jerome Chamber of Commerce:

***The Surgeon's House***
Bed & Breakfast
Andrea Prince, The Duchess
101 Hill Street
PO Box 998
Jerome, Arizona 86331
Toll Free:   800-639-1452
E-Mail:   surgehouse1@wildapache.net
URL:   http://www.surgeonshouse.com

A phenomenal B&B overlooking the countryside from the hillside of Jerome (a former mining town). Excellent accommodations, fantastic view, great access to all the eateries and shops in town, and a morning breakfast which would make Julia Child beg for the recipe. Say "Hello" to Andrea for me if you stay here. I'm sure she'll prove to be one of the best B&B hosts you've ever had!

Ghost City Inn
Bed & Breakfast
David & Stacy Philips
541 North Main Street
PO Box 382
Jerome, Arizona 86331
Toll Free:   888-634-4678
E-Mail:   ghostcityinn@yahoo.com
URL:   http://www.ghostcityinn.com

One street below the Surgeon's House. Another nice B&B, nice presentation, nice people. Another way to imbibe the attributes of Jerome.

Jerome Brewery
111 Main Street
Jerome AZ 86331

Located in the old Fire House and maintained by Eric and Michelle Jurisin who also own the Haunted Hamburger.

Main Street Café
315 South Main Street
Cottonwood, AZ 86236
Tel:   520-639-4443

If you're up in Jerome, come down the mountain for wonderful daily specials and a great menu of fine foods and home made breads. Their wine list is pretty extensive, too.

The Palace - Haunted Hamburger
Jerome Avenue
PO Box 896
Jerome, AZ 86331
Tel:   520-634-0554

Really good food, made to order, great bar, great view.

The Spirit Room
Down the street from the fire station and Post Office.
Tel:   520-634-8809
Bar with live music.

A place for all to visit! I think their logo says it all: "Where suffering is optional. No sniveling!" Enjoy a pint or two, take in the crowd. It is an experience.


in The Borgata
6166 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Tel:   480-948-9988
URL:   http://www.mancusosrestaurant.com

Exquisite Northern Italian, French and Continental cuisine. I took some associates here for dinner. We were treated like royalty, and the food was out of this world! Wine list was excellent, too. It's a "not to miss" if you're in Scottsdale.

The Sunburst Resort
4925 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Tel:   480-945-7666
Fax:   480-946-4056
URL:   http://www.sunburstresort.com

The garden courtyards, Pacific-Blue Sand Beach Pool, Tropical Torch-Lit Pool and a rambling Mediterranean Lagoon are just some of the things you see when you look out your patio window. Food and service is phenomenal,.....you'll never want to go home.

The Phoenician
6000 East Camelback Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Tel:   480-941-8200
Toll Free:   800-888-8234
URL:   http://www.thephoenician.com/

I only hit the piano bar here, but the resort looked like a palace. And the view from the side of a mountain was breathtaking, overlooking miles of landscape.
By the way, the piano player was Lisa Addeo and her music was phenomenal! I was the tourist who paid her to play "chopsticks"!!! You can listen to her music and order her CD's at:
URL:   http://www.LisaMusic.com


Mission Palms
60 East Fifth Street
Tempe, AZ 85281
Tel:   480-894-1400
Toll Free:   800-547-8705
Fax:   480-968-7677
URL:   http://www.missionpalms.com

A luxurious facility, dining outside, the patios, the outdoor pool or jacuzzi under the stars, next to Arizona State University and a town full of great places to visit for drinks, dining and shopping. It was a great place to end my week's stay in AZ before returning to the North East.

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