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Small Business Advocacy

We dedicate a significant portion of our efforts towards supporting and advocating small business initiatives on a local, regional and national basis. Our advocacy efforts include communicating with elected officials, participating in conferences and conventions, business forums and organizations, as well as spearheading various specific issue initiatives.

Since 1995 we have participated in the annual Business Forum sponsored by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Extensive recommendations relevant to: access to capital, credit worthiness and determination factors, support of and enhancement of the US Small Business Administration, as well as numerous other issues, can be reviewed in detail in the annual reports developed by this annual forum at: http://www.sec.gov/smbus/sbforum.htm

As a delegate to the White House Conference of Small Business 1995, we were instrumental in the development of and passage of Recommendation #286 in support of the US SBA. We continue to fervently support legislative initiatives in support of the US SBA.

We have actively advocated various health care initiatives relevant to prescription drug costs and the use of compounding pharmacists (additional information on this topic can be accessed at our Health Care Initiatives section).

We participate with numerous national organizations to advocate for fair utility deregulation.

We participate in the following organizations (as a member or Board member) to further support various small business initiatives:
National Small Business United (NSBU)
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE)
RI Small Business Alliance
RI Small Business Advisory Council
Alliance for Small Business Advocacy
National Consumers League
Electric Consumers’ Alliance

We have written numerous articles for local, regional and national publications highlighting specific business issues, and maintain a selection of some of these articles on our web site.

Additionally, there are numerous conferences and forums which we participate in to further the causes of small business.

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